A second life for your iPhone from best service providers of iPhone repair in Dubai

iPhone Repair Dubai
iPhone Repair Dubai

Fixsquad is well-known among most of UAE and especially among residents in Dubai when it comes to searching for the best iPhone repair service providers in Dubai. This was not just from sudden raise of marketing tactics, as you may know that handling over a phone to another person for repair needs huge trust as there can be risk of stealing your data’s. The years of trustworthy service had made ourselves to stand in front of other competitors. Our services were received my many corporates as well as individuals.

Best service providers of iPhone repair in Dubai

Fixsquad is popular for being the best in providing repairing as well as other service for all models of Apple iPhones in Dubai. We have a vision of availing our best quality service all over the world and as a part of it we have already extended our service to India. If you are in India, looking for best service center for your apple gadget, visit www.fixsquad.in.

We repair all models of Apple phones such as iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 and even old models such as iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s etc.

Why are we known as the best service providers of iPhone repair in Dubai?

Fast and affordable service

We provide fastest iPhone repair service in Dubai at affordable rates. You can handle over your iPhone to our experts with confidence as we never peak into your personal data’s. Your privacy is our priority. We will get your iPhone repaired within the time you expected. Our technicians are well-trained and experienced with skills that can repair your iPhone in cost-effective manner. We do have all that is required for your iPhone to be back in your hands. For any services such as software glitches, LCD problems, water damage, cracked screens etc., all you need is to contact us, we are the best service providers apple iPhone repairs in Dubai, UAE. Our team are ready to accept any challenge for your iPhone to get fixed as we have trained technicians and strong service network that we focus on to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction.

What do we fix?

Be it your old iPhone models or be a new iPhone models such as iPhone 10, iPhone 11 or even iPhone 12 pro max, we will come to you for onsite inspection and pickup for repair & service and drop at your location in anywhere in Dubai. Call us – +971-522252800 and also follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Cracked screens!

Oh no! my iPhone screen is broken. What will I do? Stop being so dramatic when you have Fixsquad!

We can do screen replacement in no time as we are both fast as well as affordable. We are best in replacing your iPhone screen as we are best iPhone repair service providers in Dubai.

Water Damage!

Oh no, my phone is dead!

There goes another drama, maybe it’s not working for a temporary period or may have any huge damage after being dipped in water, but it is not for you to decide on whether it is dead or not. We personally have experienced with many iPhone users who have concluded that their iPhone is dead, but have changed their statement after being handled over to us.

So, if your phone is suffering from water damage, it’s better for you to bring it to our showroom or contact us for an onsite inspection to determine the damage dealt.

Speaker is not working

Your iPhone speaker is muffled or sounding distorted or its not producing any sound at all, you maybe in need of slight repair or may require a replacement of your speaker. All you need is to contact us @ +971-522252800.

No signal

Are you experiencing a weak signal or no signal problem?

Your iPhone may be suffering from various issues that you may not be able to take care. Let’s give a check on your device. Contact for the best iPhone repair in Dubai.

Battery complaint

For any mobile battery that is not providing better backup or the battery being dead may require a replacement. Bring it to Fixsquad, Let’s have a look into it.

Keypad button complaint

iPhone or any other phone does not only have touch screen functions they also have other button functions, such as volume button, switch off and switch on button.

These buttons in the phone also can have certain functional problem that requires a replacement in buttons or a service.  Let us find the best solution for your iPhone.

Software issues

Above all this complaint, we mostly face the issue of software that phone is switching on and off continuously, not functioning as requested and many other issues.

You may require software reprogramming. All you need is a trusted software programmer who could reprogram without harming your phone.

For the best functioning of your iPhone, contact Fixsquad. We are one of the best service provider of iPhone repair in Dubai.

Conclusion: A second life for your iPhone from best service providers of iPhone repair in Dubai

Your phone maybe more valuable than what you have paid for, as there are memorable moments captured in it or it maybe your luck charm and we know how you feel it. So, we bring the best solution for your phone, as we are the one best service provider of iPhone repair in Dubai, UAE. Its not for you to conclude on whether the phone is dead or not. Let’s give it a final chance, as you know miracles can happen!

Contact for iPhone repair in Dubai

Are you searching for the best technicians for your iPhone repair in Dubai? Follow us in our social media pages for the latest updates on us. We may have something interesting for you, our latest offer and lots of news.

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Signs it’s Time to Replace Your iPhone Battery

iPhone Battery
iPhone Battery

Batteries are consumables and just like any other consumables, they are bound to face a lot of wear and tear. So often, it is never your fault when your battery gets to this point. It doesn’t mean that you are a bad iPhone owner and did not take care of your iPhone. Important to note is that when your battery gets to this catastrophic end, it doesn’t mean that you have to get a new iPhone because iPhones are damn expensive! You can always contact an iPhone Repair Center in Dubai and get your iPhone Battery Replaced within a few minutes. During this Corona Period, you can always request an iPhone pick-up service within Dubai from the top iPhone Repair Centers in Dubai . Your device will be picked, fixed then delivered back to you within a few hours.

Here are some of the top signs you need to look out for:

  • When the Battery has outgrown its case: 

 This one right here goes without saying. When your battery can no longer be held within the confines of your iPhone casing, then you need to replace the battery. This will save you out of troubles that can include cash and health problems, as we all know that a swollen battery is a health hazard. Swollen batteries are definitely leaking which poses a threat to both human and animal life. The leaking material, which includes; acid, lead, nickel, lithium, cadmium, alkaline, mercury, and nickel-metal hydride can contaminate soil and water and some of the elements can accumulate in animals and humans. So, Run as fast as you can to get your iPhone Battery Replaced! 

  • If Your iPhone Starts shutting down without warning

As we first established that batteries are consumables and experience a lot of wear and tear, then this easily explains how the abrupt unexplainable shutting down of your iPhone may be caused by an old battery that needs replacement. First and foremost, the wear and tear factor might cause your iPhone Battery to start fitting loosely. This will cause the ON and OFF pattern on your phone. You will need to first soft reset your iPhone to make sure that it is not a system issue. If this random shutting down issue continues, then it is time to replace your loose iPhone Battery. 

  • When you need to plug into a charger all the time

When your iPhone cannot hold any charge without being plugged into a power source then it is about time you got your iPhone Battery Replaced. In essence, this means that you are crippled and cannot go away from a power source and be confident that you can receive calls, answer messages, or do any tasks that you would normally do on your iPhone. Get your iPhone Battery fixed at the iPhone repair center in Dubai.


  1. When your iPhone gets hot while you use it

Your iPhone battery generates some heat as it recharges because lithium-ions are designed to internalize the heat and shield it from the other parts of the phone. When you suddenly notice that your phone is unbearably hot, it is time to consider getting a new battery. Important to consider is the nature of your surroundings and the prevailing weather conditions. Oftentimes, the weather is a huge contributing factor to the temperature of your iPhone. If the weather is too hot, then it might negate the need to have your iPhone Battery Replaced. Due to the fact that an iPhone gets charging signals through the Software, in cases that are not very obvious, it is important to first troubleshoot and ensure that it is not a Software issue that has caused your iPhone to malfunction. Fixsquad  has free diagnosis on all repairs which will save you a lot of costs. Figuring out the cause of the problem is more important than rushing to a solution that might force you to get other multiple solutions along the way. Replace your iPhone battery and become a happy iPhone user!





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UAE Top tech iPhone Repair service centre

iPhone Repair service centre
iPhone Repair service centre

Why is your phone overheating? 5 Proven tips to stop it

Your phone overheating is often a question everyone else is struggling to unpuzzle. It’s always right beside you through all the fun, capturing photos or providing the soundtrack to your favorite YouTube playlist.

We are mostly precautious to take care and protect ourselves from sun and heat damage when out in the heat. Likewise, we don’t take much measures to protect our smartphones from too much heat? This can lead to damaging the functioning or even can lead to a dead phone. Checkout this list of tips by our experts that can give a better performance and can solve your heating problem.

Why is your Phone is overheating? Is it all happening by itself, or do you have apps running in the background that you don’t know about? Whatever the reason is, it’s tough to pinpoint why your smartphone is overheating.

Why is my phone overheating?

  • Overuse of the Phone: Most of the smartphone brands design their phones, keeping in view the needs of the current users. But still, if stuck to your device playing massive games or watching high-quality videos, then any phone can start overheating.
  • Too Many Processing: Multiprocessing can be another significant reason for phone overheating. Let’s say you’re downloading a game, and at the same time, you’re watching a video, and at the same time, your network-related functions like a hotspot, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are ON, and other background apps are running too. This multiprocessing can be too much for your device, and it may cause overheating.
  • Liquid Insertion: Sometimes, liquid insertion and moisture can be the reason your Phone is overheating.

5 Tips for Stopping Your Smartphone from Overheating

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight To Your Phone. The best possible way to avoid your Phone from overheating is to keep your phone out of the sun. Your Phone can catch light & heat from the sun and retains it, and as a result, your Phone gets hotter as long as it remains in the sun.
  2. Turn off Unused Apps. Open and unused apps running in the background cause your Phone to work more, and your Phone gets heated as a result. Its solution is that you have to press your smartphone’s home button and swipe up or left, and your apps will be closed.
  3. Turn down Screen Brightness level. Turning your brightness up can cause your phone to overheat. You can use an anti-glare cover for your Phone. By using it, you can see your Phone’s screen clearly, even in the sun.
  4. Turn To Airplane Mode. Airplane mode turns off the unused function of your Phone but allows you to continue to use essential functions on your Phone.
  5. Take your Case Off. Taking your phone case off will allow the Phone’s heat vents to do their job entirely without any blockage, and your Phone will cool down quickly.

Your phone is overheating? Here’s how to cool

If your Phone gets hot enough and starts showing you error messages, then here are some things you can do.

  • Turn your Phone off
  • Remove your phone from direct sunlight.
  • Remove your charging cable if it’s plugged-in.
  • Take your Phone out of your case
  • Place your Phone in the freezer, but don’t leave it there for too long.

If you’re near a car AC, the fan then uses them, it will speed up the cooling down process and your Phone may start working again.

Nonetheless, the overheating problem may spiral up to a grave issue. If this happens, you may have no option left but to get your phone checked at the repair center. And at that point, you should only visit a trustable and authorized service center. We at Fixsquad, The Best iPhone repair service centre in UAE can give you the best explanations as to why your phone is overheating and thereafter a solution.

In case you are constantly asking why your phone is overheating (Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Infinix ), then get your gadget at the number one iPhone repair center in UAE. They can fix it!

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Surface Pro Water Damage Repair Dubai & UAE

Surface Pro 4 Repair
Top Microsoft Surface Repair Microsoft Surface Repair Dubai

Although Microsoft Surface Pro tablet offers many impressive features, it is not waterproof. The best way to protect your tablet from water damage is to keep it in a waterproof case and to be very careful when using it around water and other liquids.

If your Microsoft Surface Pro does become water-damaged, however, you do not have to panic or rush out to buy a new tablet. All you have to do is stop in to see one of the knowledgeable and experienced technicians at FixSquad. We have the skills and know-how to diagnose and fix water damage issues of all degree. Get in touch with us to know how we can offer you the best possible solutions for issues with your Microsoft Surface 3, Microsoft Surface 4 & Microsoft Surface 5 tablets.

We off free consultations, and all our repair services are affordable.

Get A Quote

Speak to me about the problem. Tell me what happened below and I will be with you in a few minutes.