Hidden iPhone Hacks You Never Knew About

Hidden iPhone Hacks
Hidden iPhone Hacks

Get a faster charge

From charging faster to taking hands-free photos, these are the secret iPhone hackers you wish to know sooner.

There is nothing worse than watching the phone charging at an easy speed, especially when time is tight. To recharge faster, please turn on airplane mode. Doing so will temporarily pause the phone’s background noise (such as random notifications and GPS roaming), which will drain the battery while charging. Although there is not a lot of excess juice, it can take a lot of time. Next time, make sure you know these tips to extend the battery life of your smartphone.

 Save time on your searches

Need to set up a website quickly? This is a shortcut: when typing a URL in Safari, you can save a few seconds by pressing and holding the period icon on the phone’s keyboard, which will display a list of URL endings. The options range from standard suffixes (.com, .co, .ae) to less common suffixes (.edu, .ie).

 Find out what your phone knows about you

Go to Settings> Privacy > Photos>  and see what your iPhone knows about you.

Do this: Your iPhone is following every step you perform. If you need proof, go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services>Frequent Location. You will see where you have been and the time spent there. It’s creepy, right? Fortunately, you can turn off this feature by clicking “Clear History”, and then swipe left on the “Frequently Used Locations” tab.

Set a timer for your music

Gone are the days of nodding to listen to your favorite snooping tunes. I didn’t get up until three o’clock in the morning, and the music was still burning. Believe it or not, your phone timer can turn off music at any time. Go to Clock>Timer>When the timer is over, click the “Stop Playing” option, and then select the time you want to play the music. When the timer runs out, your phone will automatically turn off the music (on Apple Music and Spotify).

Take a hands-free photo

You don’t need two empty hands to take photos on your phone. Just plug in a compatible pair of headphones and press the volume button, and your iPhone will capture the moment.

 Record a video and take a picture at the same time

Speaking of the phone’s camera, you can also take a photo while shooting a video. All you have to do is press the shutter icon next to the video button. However, there is a caveat: Since the photo is taken by the camera’s sensor, its quality will not be as high as other images.

Erase text with the shake of your hand

We have all been there. You just vented to BFF in a long text message, but it was out of place before you pressed send. To quickly erase what you just typed, shake your phone and tap “Undo typing.” Do you want to come back? You can shake your phone again at any time and select “Redo Typing” to make the text reappear.

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iPhone not working after update – How to Fix?

iPhone 6
iPhone 6

Is your iPhone appearing slightly glitchy after updating your iOS? Stuck on an Apple logo or staring at a blank frozen screen? Perhaps your battery is rapidly draining after the update and this was not an issue beforehand. These are familiar issues experienced by many Apple users and there are many possibilities as to why this is occurring.

The causes may be difficult to identify, whether the glitch is causing a small or larger issue, but rest assured, by following some of our quick and simple fixes below, you can get back to enjoying the full functionality of your phone in no time.

  • How to Backup Data on iPhone
  • How to Force Reset/Factory Reset your iPhone
  • What to do when a battery is draining after update
  • Hardware problem – Visit us!

Whether you’re experiencing issues with staring deeply at a blank screen hoping for it to come back to life again or your battery just won’t hold power anymore, we have the solution! By trying out some of our hacks below, this issue can be resolved in no time and if the issue is still persisting after following our guide, our team at Fixsquad can assist you further.

How to Backup Data on iPhone

If you still have a device that is partially functioning, however, you are experiencing technical glitches and slow, unresponsiveness that needs fixing. We would advise if your device allows you to backup your data before force/factory resetting your device.

To backup your iPhone using iCloud, Firstly: connect your device to a stable WiFi network.

Tap Settings > (your name) > iCloud

Go to iCloud Backup

Then tap Backup Now.

Once this is completed, it is useful to double check that the backup was successful. To do this: Go to: Settings > (your name) > iCloud Storage > Manage Storage.

Now that all your data is safe and backed up, follow our guide below on how to force reset/factory restore your iPhone.

How to Force Reset/Factory Reset your iPhone

Force Restart

Force restarting your device is simply turning it off and on again – resetting the hardware without affecting software and this can solve the issues relating with your screen not responding/glitches.

Force restart iPhone 5/5s and 6/6s: Hold down both the power button and home button at the same time, hold down for 10 seconds and wait for the Apple logo to appear.

Force restart iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Hold down both the power and volume button. Hold down for 10 seconds and wait for the Apple logo to appear.

Force restart iPhone 8/8 Plus/ X/ XR/ XS Max: Hold down either up or down volume button and the power/lock button at the same time. Hold down for 10 seconds and wait for the Apple logo to appear.

Factory Reset

Factory resetting your iPhone will restore the device to its original state, how you first received your iPhone. Therefore, factory resetting your device will reset your device’s content so if this is not backed up, you will lose what is on your iPhone currently. A useful tip to keep in mind before starting this process is to make sure you remember your Apple ID and Password, you will need this to factory reset your iPhone.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Content and Settings

A pop-up will appear, tap Erase > enter your Apple ID and Passcode

Your iPhone will then reset to Factory Settings and erase all data stored. Once rebooted, you can then set up as new or restore from your most recent backup.

What to do if your battery is draining after an update?

If you see that your battery is continuously running out of juice after a full charge and you have just updated your iOS, we can understand how frustrating this can be. You may be observing the battery drain by looking at the percentage in the top left-hand corner of your device, however, you can identify what is eating up your battery and manage this in the Settings application. Firstly, open Settings on your iPhone, tap on Battery then Battery Usage. You will then see a list of all of your device’s applications and how much battery each app is consuming. By switching to “Last 24 Hours”, you can see here how much battery your device has eaten the previous day which can perhaps give you an indicator on which apps you are not using but are using the battery in the background and which Apps you may need to delete!

A useful tip to keep in mind to improve your iPhone’s battery life is to close the app if you are not intending to use it. You may see your battery is running out of fuel when you haven’t used your phone much and this is why apps that aren’t closed and are running in the background will secretly eat your battery!

For all models before iPhone X/XR/XS Max:

Double tap the home button and a slideshow of apps of what you have recently used will appear. Swipe up the apps one by one and this will close the applications.

For iPhone X/XR/XS Max:

Swipe up and across your screen until a slideshow of apps appears and then swipe up on all the apps to close them.

Hardware problem – Visit us

If you have tried and tested all of our tricks above and this has still not resolved your issues, your iPhone may have a hardware problem that will need to be assessed by our expert technicians at Fixsquad.

But, before you come and see us in-store, we would advise checking to see if your iPhone still has a warranty with Apple. They could be able to solve this issue for you! If you still have a warranty with Apple this may be free, however, if your warranty has ended, this will cost.

Come in and see our team! Take your device at Fixsquad where our expert technicians can run another issue diagnostics test on your iPhone. We would suggest running a diagnostics on your device initially to ensure the hardware issue. During our diagnostics assessment, our skilled technicians will test all components of your device to assess their functionality and determine the causes as to why your iPhone is unresponsive/not switching on. Diagnosis can take upto 24 hours. Our team will then quote you on the cost of repair, once this is completed. To book an appointment, click here!

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Ways to fix Gaming Console

Gaming console
Gaming console

We’ve seen common issues with gaming consoles (specifically PS4) & PSN problems are appearing with more frequency. PS4 software updates are released yearly with new features and options, but there are also some issues you might have to face.

Today we’ll point out a few sure ways of fixing gaming console common issues that will surely help you get back to playing your PS4 Pro or Playstation 4 faster without the need to call Sony. So here are some problems that remained unexplained in PS4 and PS4 Pro.

1. Blinking Blue Light

When booting your PS4 or PS4 Pro, the LED light, which is on the side of your console should momentarily pulse blue before it changes to white.

But if your gaming console is showing blue light continuously without turning white. This thing usually happens when your PS4 inexplicably turns off. So this shows that you’ve got faulty video output, where the console fails to send a video to your TV. You can try these hacks to fix this problem.

–      Check the Console’s Hard Drive

Turn off your console & detach all the cables. The next thing you should do is to slide out the hard drive’s bay cover & check whether your hard drive is firmly secured  or not.

–      Ensure the HDMI Cable is Working

You can change your HDMI cable to see if it helps. And also, check the HDMI ports on both your PS4 & TV.

–      Run a Firmware Update to fix the gaming issue

This will fix any hardware compatibility issues & reset your TV’s HDMI settings, which sometimes affect your PS4 console’s signal.

–      Rectify Power Supply Connections and Perform a Controller Reset

Check your AC power plugs, sockets, as well as the main power supply. Connect everything properly and press the PS4 button from the controller until the LED system light reaches orange. Then hold the same button again until you see a white system light. So rebooting might help to fix the issue.

2. Gaming Console Fails to Connect or keeps Disconnecting from PSN

The most persistent problem with PlayStation is the failure to connect to the PSN. Network connectivity issues often display the error codes. The PSN service goes down due to ongoing service maintenance. But the good news is service maintenance doesn’t take too long. But if it’s not a maintenance problem and you’re still experiencing connectivity issues. Then you can try these hacks.

–      Run an Update on Your Router’s Firmware

Outdated router firmware can cause connection issues. You can see information on how to check the router’s firmware update on the back of your router.

–      Reconnect to Your Home Network

Sometimes you have to re-teach your PlayStation to how to connect to a network and to do this, “forget” your home network and then try to reconnect.

And if other devices are connected to your home network but your console can’t then try changing the DNS settings. For doing this, go to “Network settings” and select custom for Wi-Fi or Wired, depending on which sort of connection you are using.

And then, select the auto-IP address setting and choose “Do Not Use” as the DHCP Host Name. You’ll see a prompt with DNS settings and pick ‘Manual.’ And set as your primary DNS, and as your secondary DNS.

3. How to fix gaming console which freezes oftenly

If you are having this problem, then it doesn’t mean you have a broken PlayStation. This can be because of faulty firmware, overheating, or a network issue. You can quickly solve this problem by giving your PS4/PS4 Pro a rest so it can cool down.

4. Gaming Console Auto Ejects Game Discs

This issue can happen due to a malfunctioning optical drive. And to fix this problem, you can use a stand to place the console vertically. By this, you can prevent your console from automatically ejecting game discs.

What if None of These Hacks Work?

If you’ve tried everything else and nothing is working, then Fixsquad will provide you the assistance you need. At Fixsquad, we will closely monitor your PS4 or PS3. Drop your gaming console with an issue at our repair center in UAE, and have it fixed professionally and conveniently.

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iPhone Screen Replacement OLED OR LCD?

iPhone screen replacement
iPhone screen replacement

When the screen in one of the new generation iPhones is broken, you start to think which screen would be better for you and what is the difference between the LCD and OLED.

In fact, there’s not a very big difference between them. There are a couple of technical differences here; however, for an average user it’s difficult to see them.

First, let’s find out what the LCD and OLED are:

The LCD is a liquid crystal display. It’s a simple, flat panel which works with a polarizer. What is most important here, liquid crystals cannot emit light directly, and they must be supported by a backlight.

Also, the LCD is a bit heavier than the OLED. The weight of the LCD screen is related to the two glass panels used in the screen.

What we like in LCDs is its solidity. Even if the LCD screen is smashed, it still may work for a long time and gives us time to arrange an iPhone screen replacement at the most convenient time.

OLED technology is quite new. It’s built on the basis of independent- illuminated pixels and an OLED screen displays light and colour independently. While LCDs give much more bright light, OLEDs offer deeper colours. It’s a bit slimmer and lighter than an LCD, no doubt. But again, it’s related to how it’s built- while LCD has two glass panels, the OLED has one only, but plastic one.

The thing we love in OLEDS is better response time. You may not notice that just straight away, but during the day when you use your phone constantly, you can feel the difference.

It’s worth mentioning that the LCD we offer to our customers are fully compatible with the Apple devices and won’t cause any issue in your equipment, so if you are worried about the quality of the repair, there is nothing to worry about!

Apple used OLED screens in: iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro Max. LCDs are applied in iPhone XR and iPhone 11.

iPhone screen replacement OLED or LCD cost

Like all new technologies, OLED is more expensive, but mainly due to the electroluminescent components and phosphors. These compounds are very expensive and make the screen cost much higher than LCD.

In simple words, LCD is cheaper than OLED because the cost of production of both of them is much different. LCD components are much more accessible and more economical, which is eventually reflected in the price of replacement.

If you would like to save some money, you can easily use the LCD screen in your iPhone, even though you originally had the OLED one. It’s very unlikely you will see the difference in using the device, however, the relief for your pocket will be significant. Definitely, the iPhone LCD replacement cost is cheaper than the iPhone OLED screen replacement cost.

Some of us prefer to go to the Apple indication and use an OLED replacement for smashed OLED, but it’s really personal preference. In fact, iPhone screen replacement OLED or LCD costs depend on what type of screen you would prefer to have in your device.

For us, both screens are good and will be used in Apple phones for a long time.

OLED or LCD iPhone screen replacement near me

We know that if you had your screen smashed, you would prefer to go locally- it saves money and time, but it’s not always good for you. Most local shops offer not properly checked parts, very often they do not inform customers what type of screen they use in customer equipment and they take advantage of lack of knowledge of their customers. We heard many times that people who repair phones at home sell LCD (which is much cheaper) as an OLED. Personally, I feel that it’s not fair and I would like to know what will happen with my phone and what will be implemented in my device, as it costs me a lot!

We are not like others; we offer a choice to our customers and leave the decision of what is better for them in their hands.

If you cannot rely on the local repairers or have a doubt, it’s better to use Free Fusion online booking. Time of repair is 24 hours; the guarantee provided always precisely describes the type of used parts and the type of repair.

You can be completely confident here- the transparency of our website and excellent customer service should help you to decide what the best is for you.

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What are the Risks of Using Broken Screen?

Replace the screen
Replace the screen

Let’s face it. No matter how careful we try to be, accidents happen. We’ve all dropped our phones at some point. In fact, cracked screens are the single most common type of cell phone damage, with more than 50 million broken screens per year. Even though modern phones are made with shatter-resistant tempered glass, cracks still happen — maybe not on the first drop, but certainly after repeated encounters with the pavement.

Using a cracked screen does not get any better, in fact, the situation will get worse. In most cases when the screen cracks but the phone is still functioning, we don’t see an urgent need to replace the screen Some of the risks associated with using a broken cellular phone screen. Have you ever used a phone with a broken screen? Maybe yes, maybe no. Let us now look at the risks.

  1. It will only get worse
    A cracked phone screen is not going to get any better with time. The  touch functionality will no longer respond to finger gestures when the touch screen is cracked.
  2. Missing the details
    A cracked screen is a distracting screen. Instead of being able to look at a screen and read content, you may have to scroll or reorient the phone to move the content you’re trying to read outside of the cracked area.
  3. The glass can cut you
    With cracked phone screens, you put your fingers at risk from cuts when you try to swipe through it as per usual. If your phone screen has severe cracks, you could possibly hurt yourself with small glass splinters.
  4. Looks unprofessional
    People will easily recognize a badly cracked screen. This can reflect negatively on you.
  5. Exposure to harmful radiations
    There could be greater health risks for its users if a phone’s internal systems (a.k.a. the radiation source) are exposed through the screen cracks.

Using a cracked phone screen is not only unsightly but can also affect your productivity and overall well-being. Make sure you take necessary precautions like using protective cases to minimize the risk of gadget damage. If you are using a broken phone screen, take a precaution and Replace it.

Get your iPhone repaired
Getting your iPhone screen repaired is often the most cost-effective option. If there’s nothing else wrong with the phone, why would you do anything else? At Fixsquad, you can get a price to replace your broken iPhone screen in a matter of a few seconds. Simply contact us or go to our portal, select your phone model, select your problem and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Apple iPhone Screen Repair Costs
The first thing we want to consider is cost. Repair only makes sense if it’s cheaper to fix your existing phone than it is to get a replacement. The cost to fix a cracked Apple iPhone screen varies widely based on which iPhone you have and where you take it to get repaired.

Just remember that if the repair costs more than getting a replacement device, you’re better off ditching your old phone and picking up a new device.

Once again, we see that repair costs vary considerably depending on which phone model you have — with older phones typically costing less to fix than newer phones.

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