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Do’s and Don’ts you should Know when your Phone drops into water

Phone drops into water

It doesn’t matter whether it falls in a pool of water or in a basin. Fixsquad provides you with tips on do’s and don’ts to save your phone.

To save your phone you need to act fast and follow these steps:       


  • Remove your phone from water as quick as possible
  • Turn it off if it is still on and hold it upright.
  • Remove the battery and all other accessories; sim cards, memory cards. If the battery is non-removable you might consider taking it to a technician or follow Youtube videos on how to disassemble
  • Try to remove as much water as possible using a piece of cloth and vacuum cleaner.
  • Put it in a bowl of uncooked rice or other absorbent for 48-72 hours without turning it on. If it fails to turn on, try charging your battery.


  • Do not shake it.
  • Do not push any button. This could push the water further into the circuits.
  • Do not use a hairdryer on the phone. This could cause further damage.
  • Do not turn the phone on too soon.

With a little lack and fast action, your phone may survive. If the problem persists, take it to expert technicians like Fixsquad who offer free diagnostic services and 90 days warranty on their repair.

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