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Essential Mobile Accessories to pack up when leaving for holidays

Essential Mobile Accessories

It’s about that time you are thinking so hard of which phone accessories to pack up when travelling to a holiday destination for Summer. You have been working hard the entire year and this is the only time you have to give yourself a good swim, that treat you have been wishing to have and spend time with your family with no deadlines to worry about.

We can only imagine how you are feeling right now, exhausted and worn out! You cannot wait to finally break for the holidays. The same goes for your smartphone and laptops. You have been poking that screen and keyboard every day for 365 days, subjecting the poor battery to a continuous supply of power almost 24/7, expecting it to perform a million and one tasks as you try to meet your deadlines. That gadget is super tiring!

As you pack up to leave for summer, please pack some for your smart gadgets as well. How about we give your phone or laptop some treats? Interesting, right?

You don’t want it acting up when you are just about to capture a moment at the beach, when you are video calling your relatives who are abroad or when you are showing off your pretty selfies to your cousins. That would be embarrassing!

Just as the human body, smart gadgets also need regular checkup and servicing for optimal performance and now is the perfect time for this.

Have you shopped for some essential accessories to carry along with you to wherever you are spending your holidays? Well, it will be tragic if you don’t!

However, you don’t have to worry about what phone accessories to pack when leaving for your holiday, for we have a few tips lined up just for you!

Please visit the one stop shop for all your smartphone and laptop accessories and grab some of the below mentioned stuff.

Phone Battery

Imagine your phone shutting while you are in the middle of capturing sweet moments on your holidays?

With so much photography and videography happening using phones, you need to ensure that your battery is performing optimally. With a phone battery draining fast or that which won’t charge beyond a certain percentage can be such a turn off.

Pack up a Power bank when leaving for a holiday

Are you travelling far and you plan on watching your favorite series? Grab yourself a power bank just in case you need to charge up your battery to continue enjoying your watch.

Fun doesn’t have to end with low phone charge.

Get a pair of Music Plugs when travelling for a holiday

Are you a music lover? Does music soothe your heart in ways that nothing else does? Pack up a pair of headphones as you travel and keep music close to you.

It can get really boring especially of late when we have to maintain social distance everywhere we are.

Screen protector

This is meant to guard your phone screen from breaking and in case you didn’t know they are diverse {glass, silicone & ceramic} Get your favorite gadget an ideal screen protector to avoid uncertainties during this festive season. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Phone cases

It is said that having a smartphone without a phone case is like a soldier going out to war without a shield.

Imagine the frustration of buying a phone and having it dented and with a broken screen barely a week after buying it. Cases protect your phone from screen breakage as well as scratches when it falls.

Did you know phone cases are not just protective? They are versatile enough to accessorize someone’s dressing. They are also capable of overhauling a phone’s look and making it look new again.

Get your phone the latest, most authentic and classy phone case before you travel for the holidays.

Pack up a Charger when leaving for holidays

Plugging a phone to charge is a daily activity for most people. How many times do you charge your smartphone?

Don’t answer that, I know it’s many times!

You definitely see the need of carrying your own charger seeing that nowadays there are several types so you really can’t count on others.

Get a Waterproof Phone Pouch when going for a holiday

Are you planning on going to the Coast? Most probably you are and I know you can’t wait to go swimming on the beach and maybe surf or snorkel if not scuba dive.

I know the idea is already exhilarating and you can’t wait to record yourself doing all these, but wait a minute, is your phone water resistant? If not, you don’t have to worry because this is when a waterproof phone pouch comes in handy.

It keeps your phone from getting water-damaged and thus allows you to record your memories without pressure. This is definitely a must pack!

Now that you have an idea of what phone accessories to pack up when leaving for holidays, I’d recommend you grab them from SPHUB, they’ve got them all! Original, high quality brands of these accessories to choose from. Have I mentioned they deliver countrywide? Yes, they do to your preferred drop off point.

If your screen is broken, well. Your phone is not old, it’s that chipped and cracked screen protector or that cracked screen that makes it look old. Where do you gather the courage to go to shaggz with a phone whose screen looks like a cobweb? You probably don’t have enough money to get a new phone, that’s understandable but staying with a cracked screen isn’t.

Why not get your screen fixed at Fixsquad and enjoy a 10% Summer discount, and three months warranty? At Fixsquad, we will fix your image😊

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