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Hidden iPhone Hacks You Never Knew About

Hidden iPhone Hacks

Get a faster charge

From charging faster to taking hands-free photos, these are the secret iPhone hackers you wish to know sooner.

There is nothing worse than watching the phone charging at an easy speed, especially when time is tight. To recharge faster, please turn on airplane mode. Doing so will temporarily pause the phone’s background noise (such as random notifications and GPS roaming), which will drain the battery while charging. Although there is not a lot of excess juice, it can take a lot of time. Next time, make sure you know these tips to extend the battery life of your smartphone.

 Save time on your searches

Need to set up a website quickly? This is a shortcut: when typing a URL in Safari, you can save a few seconds by pressing and holding the period icon on the phone’s keyboard, which will display a list of URL endings. The options range from standard suffixes (.com, .co, .ae) to less common suffixes (.edu, .ie).

 Find out what your phone knows about you

Go to Settings> Privacy > Photos>  and see what your iPhone knows about you.

Do this: Your iPhone is following every step you perform. If you need proof, go to Settings>Privacy>Location Services>System Services>Frequent Location. You will see where you have been and the time spent there. It’s creepy, right? Fortunately, you can turn off this feature by clicking “Clear History”, and then swipe left on the “Frequently Used Locations” tab.

Set a timer for your music

Gone are the days of nodding to listen to your favorite snooping tunes. I didn’t get up until three o’clock in the morning, and the music was still burning. Believe it or not, your phone timer can turn off music at any time. Go to Clock>Timer>When the timer is over, click the “Stop Playing” option, and then select the time you want to play the music. When the timer runs out, your phone will automatically turn off the music (on Apple Music and Spotify).

Take a hands-free photo

You don’t need two empty hands to take photos on your phone. Just plug in a compatible pair of headphones and press the volume button, and your iPhone will capture the moment.

 Record a video and take a picture at the same time

Speaking of the phone’s camera, you can also take a photo while shooting a video. All you have to do is press the shutter icon next to the video button. However, there is a caveat: Since the photo is taken by the camera’s sensor, its quality will not be as high as other images.

Erase text with the shake of your hand

We have all been there. You just vented to BFF in a long text message, but it was out of place before you pressed send. To quickly erase what you just typed, shake your phone and tap “Undo typing.” Do you want to come back? You can shake your phone again at any time and select “Redo Typing” to make the text reappear.

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