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iPhone 12 Pro Repair

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iPhone 12 Pro Repair Services we Offer

Common Issues in iPhone Models

Screen Break
Software Problems
Battery Drainage
Mic/Sound issues
Body Repair
Back Cover
Camera Crack
Water Damage

Released on October 23, 2020, with a little delay due to COVID, this iPhone 12 Pro evolves in terms of design compared to previous generations of iPhone. It takes a more square aesthetic like the late iPhone 5 and 4. Of course, it retains the 6.1 borderless screen like the iPhone 11 and XR as well as the 12. Except that it is an XDR OLED screen. . This iPhone screen is supposed to be more resistant to scratches … From the front, it is very similar to the iPhone 12, only the back side and the camera distinguish them. The back side is a polished metallic glass with a shiny metal frame.

All the new iPhone 12s, and therefore the 12 Pro, are equipped with the bionic A14 chip engraved in 5nm with 6 GB of RAM. It is on the photo side that it stands out with a triple sensor of 3x 12 Mpx for the large and the very wide angle as well as a telephoto lens. It even has the famous LIDAR scanner for better light detection. It can shoot 4K 60fps while the 12MP True Depth front camera stays the same with Face ID. Its 2815 mAh Li-ion battery is compatible with fast charging and wireless magsafe charging for an autonomy of approximately 17 hours.

How about repairing the iPhone 12 Pro ? It looks a bit more complicated than the previous generations. Why ? Quite simply because of its square frame and no longer rounded as on the iPhone X and 11. It is therefore much more difficult to extract the screen which is completely borderless and does not protrude at all from the frame. It will therefore be necessary to pay double attention to this step which is however a mandatory step in the iPhone 12 Pro repair! Once the screen is dismantled, the components seem rather classic compared to other models. Everything is connected to the motherboard. The battery is very well glued and you must therefore be careful not to bend it! Otherwise, the main components remain removable and therefore changeable in the event of failure. But be careful, the layers are sometimes mixed up and can set traps if not carefully done.

Service Options:

  • iPhone 12 Pro Water Liquid Damage Repair
  • iPhone 12 Pro Diagnosis
  • iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement
  • iPhone 12 Pro Charging Dock
  • iPhone 12 Pro Sound/Ringer/Volume Repair
  • iPhone 12 Pro Power/Home/Mute Button Repair
  • iPhone 12 Pro Headphone Jack Repair
  • iPhone 12 Pro Back Rear Glass Replacement
  • iPhone 12 Pro Rear Camera Repair
  • iPhone 12 Pro Front Camera Repair
  • iPhone 12 Pro Cracked/Damaged Screen
  • iPhone 12 Pro Face id Repair
  • iPhone 12 Pro Data Recovery
  • iPhone 12 Pro Component Board Level Service