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iPhone 7 Repair Dubai

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iPhone 7 Repair Services we Offer

Common Issues in iPhone Models

Screen Break
Software Problems
Battery Drainage
Mic/Sound Issue
Body Repair
Back Cover
Camera Crack
Water Damage

The iPhone 7 is the 7th iPhone released by Apple on September 7, 2016 and screens, power buttons, and batteries began breaking soon after. And here at FixSquad we are here to help you with your iPhone 7 repair services.

The iPhone & has three variants, namely:

  • A1660
  • A1778
  • A 1779

The parts across for these models are the same and most repairs can be fixed within an hour. FixSquad offers iPhone 7 screen replacements in just 20 minutes using original LCDs and flex cables.

Below is a comparison of the two types:

The iPhone 7 is also known to have poor battery life. The battery on the iPhone 7 can be changed in less than 15 minutes.

FixSquad is also easily able to replace the dock connector on the iPhone 7 in about 30 minutes. The Dock Connector on the iPhone 7 is the same component that regulates the charging and the headphone jack. If your iPhone 7 has any issue pertaining to that listed above, this is the repair you’ll need.

If your iPhone 7 Camera doesn’t open, has spots, or is blurry you may need a new camera. FixSquad can fix that as well. Bring it to our store, or avail our Free Pick & Drop service and we will fix it for you in no time.

Repair Services We Provide for iPhone 7 & iPhone 7+ in Dubai & UAE:

  • iPhone 7 Screen Replacement
  • iPhone 7 battery Replacement
  • iPhone 7 Dock Connector / iPhone 7 Charge Port /Headphone Jack Replacement
  • iPhone 7 Camera Repair