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iPhone 8 Plus Repair Dubai

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iPhone 8 Plus Repair Services we Offer

Common Issues in iPhone Models

Screen Break
Software Problems
Battery Drainage
Mic/Sound Issue
Body Repair
Back Cover
Camera Crack
Water Damage

Apple is known for their excellent product design. The iPhone 8 Plus is no different, with a glass front and back and an all-metal frame, the phone feels great in your hand. However, one of the downsides to having such a beautiful design is that it’s more prone to accidental damage, like screen cracks and broken glass.

Screen cracked? Touch Insensitive? Water damage? Battery issues? Home Button not working? These are just some of the common issues that any iPhone user can face. We know how valuable your iPhone 8 Plus is to you and that is why Fixsquad  is always here to help you if any of the problems arise with your iPhone.

If you’re looking for iPhone 8 plus screen repairs or battery replacement, you’ve come to the right place. We are known for our fast, reliable, and affordable iPhone repairs and we prove that getting quality phone repairs can and should be an easy and stress-free experience. At Fixsquad, we don’t let you go on for a day without your iphone.

You can stay at the comfort of your home while waiting for your phone to be fixed! Hassle-free! We will repair your iPhone 8 Plus within 8 hours of receiving it and send it back with next day delivery.

We’ll get your iPhone 8 Plus repaired and back to you as fast as possible from your location anywhere in the UAE. Our repairs are fast and efficient, meaning you won’t be without your phone for too long. Contact our team.

Even if you’re told that your iPhone 8 plus is not feasible to repair, do not lose hope! Our highly skilled repair technicians can fix almost any issues with your iPhone.

We repair all iPhone 8+ issues, including:

  • iPhone 8 Plus Broken Glass Repair
  • Battery Replacement iPhone 8 Plus
  • Camera Lens Repair iPhone 8+
  • Dock Charger Port
  • Earpiece Repair
  • Headphone Port Repair iPhone 8+
  • iPhone 8 Home Button Repair
  • Loudspeaker Repair
  • Microphone iPhone 8+ Repair
  • SIM Card Reader Fix

Providing our customers with the best care

We understand that these things happen, and we here at Fixsquad have got you covered. All of our repairs are teamed with a 3 Months warranty. So, if the part we repaired becomes faulty, our repair department will handle everything.

For your iPhone 8 Plus, you have a 3 months warranty once we have fixed it. We want you to enjoy your sleek next to new phone without worrying about the repair cost! That is how committed we are in providing you with excellent service!

Prime location for busy commuters

Being located in the heart of the city Street Station gives professionals easy access to affordable iPhone repairs.