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We assure to offer you the best in both price and repair service. All our repair comes with assured warranty, and Free Pick & Drop across UAE.


We are located at Al Saeed Tower 2 – Office No 403, 4th Floor – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai– View map.

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Laptops are an important part of life. They help us do our daily tasks and make our life easier. However, even laptops need maintenance and care. Laptop screens are absolutely reliable and the most useful and critically important part of a laptop computing system. If they are damaged, no work can be done on the laptop. Some of these laptop screen problems are simple and easily fixed, while others are permanent, such as a broken or broken screen that needs to be replaced. Common laptop screen problems include rainbow lines, dots, partially working screen and color variation.

Laptop is one of the most common problems faced by new generation students. These days, a laptop has become the necessity of every person, whether he/she is a student or working professional. Laptops are not always that easy to carry. It is very important to take care of our laptops, if we want them to perform efficiently.

Due to the increased use of Laptops, people are facing numerous issues with their laptops. The design and structure of Laptops is not similar to desktops. A lot of movements and handling impacts the working of the laptop and may result in issues and damages. It is very essential to keep in mind that you shouldn’t apply any kind of force on your laptop. You can use the following tips and tricks to solve these problems.

Tips and Tricks to solve common laptop screen problems:

Firstly check and make sure if it’s a screen problem or the problem is connected to the laptop. See if the screen is completely blank or partially. To test if it’s a screen problem or laptop’s, you can connect your laptop to the monitor via a VGA cable. If the monitor does not show anything you need Laptop servicing. If it shows the screen, it means the screen needs to be replaced or fixed.

1. Graphics Card Issue

Graphics Card is one of the most essential components of a gaming PC. This is responsible for all graphical output and visual representation of data on your screen.

If you are having graphics card issues then it is best to do a clean install of your graphics card driver. This means that you delete all drivers related to the graphics card and then restart the computer. When the computer reboots, you will see a message asking if you want to install default drivers. Choose this option and allow the driver to install without any other downloads or options. Once the driver is installed, restart the computer again.

2. Video or graphics display driver problem:

Most video graphics cards require a specific driver to run the card, if the correct driver is not installed, the card can cause erratic system behavior. When you install new hardware on a Windows PC, the new hardware is automatically installed by Windows through Windows Update. Sometimes some hardware components may not register correctly with Windows. In these cases, it’s possible that Windows will not install the correct drivers for these devices.

3. Video or graphics display driver problem:

Occasionally, heavy software or software from unreliable sources can damage the graphics display driver software, leading to laptop screen problems. This may be one of the reasons for the graphics issues mentioned above. Here you can update or install the latest or latest version of the video driver or graphics driver.

4. Loose video cable version:

Laptops are used only by humans and errors occur where humans are. So, sometimes, due to negligence, the laptop accidentally slips from our hands or from the table and falls on the floor. This unplugs the video cable that connects the laptop’s motherboard to the screen. This happens due to moisture and daily use. Here you need to open the screen and tighten the loose cables. This will fix the problem permanently.

5. Overheating of laptop or loud noise from fan:

Overheating is one of the most common problems we face on laptops and this problem is mainly due to the dust and dirt accumulated in the laptop and fan. Overheating is a serious problem and can result in hardware damage, laptop shutdown or even data loss. To avoid such problems use your laptop on rough and flat surfaces; Avoid placing it on smooth surfaces, as it may prevent air from passing through. Clean your fan with compressed air. Limit how many programs you can run at once that will prevent overheating.

6. Fixsquad at your Service at the comfort of your home:

If the above tips and tricks are not enough to resolve your issues and if your laptop is facing issues like permanent damage and need spare replacement or an expert diagnosis, you can book a service with Fixsquad. Fixsquad provides quick and quality resolution, that too from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is call 0522252800 or book our service on or you can even visit our service center. Fixsquad is known for its quick quality service across the UAE.

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We assure to offer you the best in both price and repair service. All our repair comes with assured warranty, and Free Pick & Drop across UAE.


We are located at Al Saeed Tower 2 – Office No 403, 4th Floor – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai– View map.