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About Us

Welcome to FIXSQUAD, Dubai's gadget saviors since 2013! Founded by a visionary with over 10 years in the tech realm, we've become the premier gadget repair service in the UAE. Our all-star team, a mix of management brilliance, tech whizzes, and customer support champs, is dedicated to crafting an exceptional support experience.

Whether you're a multinational corporation or a tech enthusiast, FIXSQUAD ensures your gadgets receive expert service for uninterrupted enjoyment. Join us in the heart of Dubai's tech revolution, where innovation and excellence meet, creating a repair experience like no other. Your gadgets deserve the best, and at FIXSQUAD, they get just that!

53 Minutes of Avg.
Repair Time
3000+ Devices fixed
per month
50K+ Happy
21 Collection Points
Across UAE

How We Operate

Exploring in 3 Approaches!

Pickup and Delivery

Indulge in unparalleled convenience with our complimentary Pickup and Delivery service across the UAE.

On-site Repair

Swift resolutions at your doorstep. Proficient technicians will promptly visit and repair your device within an hour, ensuring minimal disruptions.

In-Store Visit

Count on us for swift and dependable repairs. Walk into our store for efficient service, ensuring you're back on track in no time.

OnePlus Phone
Screen Replacing

For pristine OnePlus screen repairs in Dubai, trust us to restore clarity and vibrancy.

  • Green lines
  • Black screen
  • Flickering screen
  • Broken display
  • Cracked screen
  • Touch issues

OnePlus Phone
Battery Replacement

Dubai's trusted source for OnePlus battery replacement, ensuring lasting power and reliability.

  • Low battery life
  • Slow charging
  • Phone heating while charging

Other OnePlus Phone
Phone Issues

At Fixsquad, we redefine Samsung repair, breaking free from traditional constraints, ensuring your devices are seamlessly restored to their full glory.

  • Charging port repair
  • Camera repair
  • Speaker repair
  • Volume button repair
  • WiFi issues
  • Bluetooth issues
  • Sim card issues
  • Water damage


Find answers to your repair related queries here

Absolutely. Our speaker repair service can resolve issues with no sound, distorted audio, or other speaker-related problems on your OnePlus phone, restoring the audio quality.

Yes, our OnePlus camera repair service is designed to address issues such as blurry images, camera app crashes, or other camera-related problems on your OnePlus device.

The duration of repairs depends on the specific issue and the OnePlus phone model. Our technicians work efficiently to provide timely service, and you can inquire about the estimated timeframe for your specific device.