Tips to Fix iPad Pro Touch Screen

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Apple iPads have long been the gold standard for tablets. Be it their standard iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro, all are packed with ingenious craftsmanship and premium features that beat their competition in the respective price segments.

While the iPad Pro is known for a fantastic retina display and top of the line cameras, it is also prone to common issues like the iPad touch screen not working at times. A lot of users have faced this issue where the bottom of their iPad screen is not working properly and seems to be unresponsive to any kind of touch or other activity. Apple’s iPad Pro is a great tablet, but you have to admit that it’s got a few flaws. One of the most obvious ones is the screen’s sensitivity, or lack thereof. By default, the Pro’s display can be rather unresponsive to touch input. If you have an iPad Pro and would like to fix this, here are a few tips that you can try.

So, What Could Be the Cause Behind the Unresponsive Issue on Your iPad Pro?

Over the years, Apple has been involved with many groundbreaking products—the iPod, iPhone, the iPad are just a few of their most notable devices. However, with each new product released, there are bound to be issues that crop up. While most problems are minor, there are some that need to be addressed immediately—it is for this reason that you need to know the causes of an unresponsive iPad Pro.

There can be more than one reason behind the unresponsive touch issue. For instance, it could be due to the faulty screen guard or damaged screen. An issue with the touch IC of the motherboard or problem with the board in case you have a 12.9” 1st Gen iPad Pro could be the reason as well. That’s not all, even software related problems can cause the touch to be unresponsive at times.

Let us discuss fewer tricks which can help you resolve your issues.

Force Restart/Hard Reset Your iPad Pro:

Hard reset aka force restart can fix several common issues like the black screen of death, app crashing or even random screen freezing.

Force Restart iPad Pro with Face ID:

Press and quickly release the volume up button. Then, press and quickly release the volume down button. After that, press and hold the power button until the Apple logo shows up on the screen.

Force Restart iPad Pro with Home Button:

Press and hold the home button and power button simultaneously until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Once your iPad has rebooted, check out if the screen has started to behave normally. If it has, you are good to go.

Clean the Screen/Remove Screen Protector

Wipe your iPad’s screen with a dry lens cloth, blow off dust from the back of your iPad with a can of compressed air, and clean any smudges from your iPad’s case. If you have a shattered or cracked screen, stop using your tablet immediately.

Ensure that the screen guard is free from any dust and smudge. If that doesn’t help, try removing the screen protector as it might also be creating a problem. Especially if the screen protector is cracked or coming off the edges after being in use for a long time. Furthermore, any improper contact between the actual screen and screen protector can also cause touch related issues.

Update/Delete the Unresponsive Apps and Reinstall Them

You can resolve most of the issues on an unresponsive touch screen by rebooting, updating apps and iOS software.

Update the unresponsive app and reinstall it. To do this, you need to delete the app and then redownload it from the App Store.

Update the Software

Software updates are often very important for any device and the iPad is no different. The reason why we recommend you to go for the latest version of iOS is that Apple often releases software updates with several bug fixes and performance enhancements.

No Respite Yet?

If you have reached this far, it’s time to look at the issue from the hardware perspective. Had it been related to software, the problem could have been resolved after the software update or the restore action.

If the screen is not responding at specific points, it’s a clear indication that the display is at fault.

Contact Fixsquad

While the above is a comprehensive list of remedies that you can perform yourself to fix your iPad Pro touch screen not working problem, you might need extra help at times. If the above hacks don’t work, then the problem most likely lies with the hardware and can be a cause for concern.

In that case, you should contact your nearest Apple Service Centre or a trusted repair center like Fixsquad Repair Services to get your iPad looked at.

Luckily, Fixsquad can sort it out for you, as a trusted service center for Apple devices. We are known for our team of expert professionals who can fix your iPad Pro quickly and at an affordable price.

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We assure to offer you the best in both price and repair service. All our repair comes with assured warranty, and Free Pick & Drop across UAE.


We are located at Al Saeed Tower 2 – Office No 403, 4th Floor – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Dubai– View map.