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Why is your phone overheating? 5 Proven tips to stop it

Your phone overheating is often a question everyone else is struggling to unpuzzle. It’s always right beside you through all the fun, capturing photos or providing the soundtrack to your favorite YouTube playlist.

We are mostly precautious to take care and protect ourselves from sun and heat damage when out in the heat. Likewise, we don’t take much measures to protect our smartphones from too much heat? This can lead to damaging the functioning or even can lead to a dead phone. Checkout this list of tips by our experts that can give a better performance and can solve your heating problem.

Why is your Phone is overheating? Is it all happening by itself, or do you have apps running in the background that you don’t know about? Whatever the reason is, it’s tough to pinpoint why your smartphone is overheating.

Why is my phone overheating?

  • Overuse of the Phone: Most of the smartphone brands design their phones, keeping in view the needs of the current users. But still, if stuck to your device playing massive games or watching high-quality videos, then any phone can start overheating.
  • Too Many Processing: Multiprocessing can be another significant reason for phone overheating. Let’s say you’re downloading a game, and at the same time, you’re watching a video, and at the same time, your network-related functions like a hotspot, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi are ON, and other background apps are running too. This multiprocessing can be too much for your device, and it may cause overheating.
  • Liquid Insertion: Sometimes, liquid insertion and moisture can be the reason your Phone is overheating.

5 Tips for Stopping Your Smartphone from Overheating

  1. Avoid Direct Sunlight To Your Phone. The best possible way to avoid your Phone from overheating is to keep your phone out of the sun. Your Phone can catch light & heat from the sun and retains it, and as a result, your Phone gets hotter as long as it remains in the sun.
  2. Turn off Unused Apps. Open and unused apps running in the background cause your Phone to work more, and your Phone gets heated as a result. Its solution is that you have to press your smartphone’s home button and swipe up or left, and your apps will be closed.
  3. Turn down Screen Brightness level. Turning your brightness up can cause your phone to overheat. You can use an anti-glare cover for your Phone. By using it, you can see your Phone’s screen clearly, even in the sun.
  4. Turn To Airplane Mode. Airplane mode turns off the unused function of your Phone but allows you to continue to use essential functions on your Phone.
  5. Take your Case Off. Taking your phone case off will allow the Phone’s heat vents to do their job entirely without any blockage, and your Phone will cool down quickly.

Your phone is overheating? Here’s how to cool

If your Phone gets hot enough and starts showing you error messages, then here are some things you can do.

  • Turn your Phone off
  • Remove your phone from direct sunlight.
  • Remove your charging cable if it’s plugged-in.
  • Take your Phone out of your case
  • Place your Phone in the freezer, but don’t leave it there for too long.

If you’re near a car AC, the fan then uses them, it will speed up the cooling down process and your Phone may start working again.

Nonetheless, the overheating problem may spiral up to a grave issue. If this happens, you may have no option left but to get your phone checked at the repair center. And at that point, you should only visit a trustable and authorized service center. We at Fixsquad, The Best iPhone repair service centre in UAE can give you the best explanations as to why your phone is overheating and thereafter a solution.

In case you are constantly asking why your phone is overheating (Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Infinix ), then get your gadget at the number one iPhone repair center in UAE. They can fix it!

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