Upgrade iPhone Storage with FixSquad’s Expert Solutions

Running out of storage space on your iPhone can be incredibly frustrating. As you capture more photos and videos, download larger apps and files, and update to newer iOS versions, that precious storage fills up fast.

So, one of the most common queries from iPhone users is whether it’s possible to increase the storage capacity of their devices. The answer is affirmative. It is possible to upgrade the physical storage capacity of your iPhone. Go from 64GB to 128GB, from 128GB to 256GB, and even from 256GB to a whopping 512GB! 

This may sound daunting because traditionally, the iPhone is known for its intricately integrated hardware and software, making any modifications a complex and delicate process. However, expert iPhone technicians with precise technical skills and a deep understanding of Apple’s proprietary architecture can safely upgrade the iPhone’s storage capacity for you. 

Fixsquad has been specializing in iPhone repairs for over 10 years. We have developed a meticulous process for upgrading iPhone storage, ensuring each device is handled with the utmost care. We utilize advanced techniques and specialized equipment to expand the storage capacity of iPhones, effectively increasing it from 64GB to 128GB, 128GB to 256GB, or even 256GB to 512GB. Our proficiency in working with Apple’s unique hardware and software architecture allows them to perform these upgrades while maintaining the integrity and performance of the device.

An iPhone storage upgrade with FixSquad offers several benefits:

  • Double your storage space, going from 64GB to 128GB or 128GB to 254GB. 
  • Maintain full iPhone functionality
  • Keep your existing data intact
  • Increase resale value of your iPhone
  • Enjoy peace of mind with FixSquad’s 90 day warranty

When to Opt for Physical Storage Upgrade

Upgrading your iPhone’s physical storage is a huge step. So, we advise this option only if it is deemed absolutely necessary for you. Key situations that warrant considering a storage upgrade include:

Storage Needs Exceed Current Capacity

If you consistently find that your usage exceeds the limits of your current storage, indicating regular encounters with ‘Storage Full’ alerts.

Storage Optimization Isn’t Sufficient

When traditional methods of freeing up space, such as deleting unused apps or offloading data to cloud storage, no longer yield significant results.

Data-Intensive Applications

This is particularly pertinent for users who frequently utilize applications that demand a considerable amount of storage space, such as sophisticated multimedia editing tools or large-scale games.

Alternative Solutions for Storage Issues

Before you rush to book your appointment, let’s be honest: While physical storage upgrade is a lifesaver in extreme cases, there are also some excellent non-invasive ways to tackle your storage woes:

Cleaning Up Documents and Data

A significant amount of storage can be consumed by the ‘Documents and Data’ associated with various apps. Regularly reviewing and cleaning up these files can free up considerable space. This involves managing data stored by apps, such as cache, login details, and preferences.

Utilizing iCloud Storage

Leverage iCloud’s free storage capacity to offload photos, videos, and documents from your iPhone. This can significantly reduce the burden on your device’s internal storage.

Purchasing Additional iCloud Space

If you exhaust the free iCloud storage limit, consider purchasing additional space. This can be a cost-effective solution to manage storage needs without physical upgrades.

Exploring Google Photos

Google Photos offers a platform for backing up photos and videos. It provides a certain amount of free storage, with options to buy more. This service can be particularly useful for managing large media files.

Using Cloud Storage Services

Services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox offer cloud storage solutions that can be integrated with your iPhone. These platforms allow you to store various files and documents, thereby reducing the storage load on your device. They also facilitate easy access to your files across different devices.

Expanding iPhone Storage with USB Drives

For additional storage, iPhones can be connected to USB drives using appropriate adapters (Lightning to USB for older models, USB-C to USB for newer ones) or USB sticks with built-in iPhone connectors. This method allows for efficient file transfer and backup, effectively expanding the device’s storage capacity.


In summary, while there are several practical solutions for managing storage on an iPhone, such as cloud storage and USB drives, there are instances where these may not suffice. In such cases, it is indeed possible to physically increase the storage capacity of an iPhone. However, this requires the expertise of skilled technicians.