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Ways to fix Gaming Console

Gaming console

We’ve seen common issues with gaming consoles (specifically PS4) & PSN problems are appearing with more frequency. PS4 software updates are released yearly with new features and options, but there are also some issues you might have to face.

Today we’ll point out a few sure ways of fixing gaming console common issues that will surely help you get back to playing your PS4 Pro or Playstation 4 faster without the need to call Sony. So here are some problems that remained unexplained in PS4 and PS4 Pro.

1. Blinking Blue Light

When booting your PS4 or PS4 Pro, the LED light, which is on the side of your console should momentarily pulse blue before it changes to white.

But if your gaming console is showing blue light continuously without turning white. This thing usually happens when your PS4 inexplicably turns off. So this shows that you’ve got faulty video output, where the console fails to send a video to your TV. You can try these hacks to fix this problem.

–      Check the Console’s Hard Drive

Turn off your console & detach all the cables. The next thing you should do is to slide out the hard drive’s bay cover & check whether your hard drive is firmly secured  or not.

–      Ensure the HDMI Cable is Working

You can change your HDMI cable to see if it helps. And also, check the HDMI ports on both your PS4 & TV.

–      Run a Firmware Update to fix the gaming issue

This will fix any hardware compatibility issues & reset your TV’s HDMI settings, which sometimes affect your PS4 console’s signal.

–      Rectify Power Supply Connections and Perform a Controller Reset

Check your AC power plugs, sockets, as well as the main power supply. Connect everything properly and press the PS4 button from the controller until the LED system light reaches orange. Then hold the same button again until you see a white system light. So rebooting might help to fix the issue.

2. Gaming Console Fails to Connect or keeps Disconnecting from PSN

The most persistent problem with PlayStation is the failure to connect to the PSN. Network connectivity issues often display the error codes. The PSN service goes down due to ongoing service maintenance. But the good news is service maintenance doesn’t take too long. But if it’s not a maintenance problem and you’re still experiencing connectivity issues. Then you can try these hacks.

–      Run an Update on Your Router’s Firmware

Outdated router firmware can cause connection issues. You can see information on how to check the router’s firmware update on the back of your router.

–      Reconnect to Your Home Network

Sometimes you have to re-teach your PlayStation to how to connect to a network and to do this, “forget” your home network and then try to reconnect.

And if other devices are connected to your home network but your console can’t then try changing the DNS settings. For doing this, go to “Network settings” and select custom for Wi-Fi or Wired, depending on which sort of connection you are using.

And then, select the auto-IP address setting and choose “Do Not Use” as the DHCP Host Name. You’ll see a prompt with DNS settings and pick ‘Manual.’ And set as your primary DNS, and as your secondary DNS.

3. How to fix gaming console which freezes oftenly

If you are having this problem, then it doesn’t mean you have a broken PlayStation. This can be because of faulty firmware, overheating, or a network issue. You can quickly solve this problem by giving your PS4/PS4 Pro a rest so it can cool down.

4. Gaming Console Auto Ejects Game Discs

This issue can happen due to a malfunctioning optical drive. And to fix this problem, you can use a stand to place the console vertically. By this, you can prevent your console from automatically ejecting game discs.

What if None of These Hacks Work?

If you’ve tried everything else and nothing is working, then Fixsquad will provide you the assistance you need. At Fixsquad, we will closely monitor your PS4 or PS3. Drop your gaming console with an issue at our repair center in UAE, and have it fixed professionally and conveniently.

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