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What are the Risks of Using Broken Screen?

Replace the screen

Let’s face it. No matter how careful we try to be, accidents happen. We’ve all dropped our phones at some point. In fact, cracked screens are the single most common type of cell phone damage, with more than 50 million broken screens per year. Even though modern phones are made with shatter-resistant tempered glass, cracks still happen — maybe not on the first drop, but certainly after repeated encounters with the pavement.

Using a cracked screen does not get any better, in fact, the situation will get worse. In most cases when the screen cracks but the phone is still functioning, we don’t see an urgent need to replace the screen Some of the risks associated with using a broken cellular phone screen. Have you ever used a phone with a broken screen? Maybe yes, maybe no. Let us now look at the risks.

  1. It will only get worse
    A cracked phone screen is not going to get any better with time. The  touch functionality will no longer respond to finger gestures when the touch screen is cracked.
  2. Missing the details
    A cracked screen is a distracting screen. Instead of being able to look at a screen and read content, you may have to scroll or reorient the phone to move the content you’re trying to read outside of the cracked area.
  3. The glass can cut you
    With cracked phone screens, you put your fingers at risk from cuts when you try to swipe through it as per usual. If your phone screen has severe cracks, you could possibly hurt yourself with small glass splinters.
  4. Looks unprofessional
    People will easily recognize a badly cracked screen. This can reflect negatively on you.
  5. Exposure to harmful radiations
    There could be greater health risks for its users if a phone’s internal systems (a.k.a. the radiation source) are exposed through the screen cracks.

Using a cracked phone screen is not only unsightly but can also affect your productivity and overall well-being. Make sure you take necessary precautions like using protective cases to minimize the risk of gadget damage. If you are using a broken phone screen, take a precaution and Replace it.

Get your iPhone repaired
Getting your iPhone screen repaired is often the most cost-effective option. If there’s nothing else wrong with the phone, why would you do anything else? At Fixsquad, you can get a price to replace your broken iPhone screen in a matter of a few seconds. Simply contact us or go to our portal, select your phone model, select your problem and we will get back to you at the earliest.

Apple iPhone Screen Repair Costs
The first thing we want to consider is cost. Repair only makes sense if it’s cheaper to fix your existing phone than it is to get a replacement. The cost to fix a cracked Apple iPhone screen varies widely based on which iPhone you have and where you take it to get repaired.

Just remember that if the repair costs more than getting a replacement device, you’re better off ditching your old phone and picking up a new device.

Once again, we see that repair costs vary considerably depending on which phone model you have — with older phones typically costing less to fix than newer phones.

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